The cuff five ways

This season is all about the cuff.

Celine cuffs


Here’s a snippet of what’s in store, and we love that these cuffs come sized. Keep reading for five different looks to suit any mood.

1.  For a refined, minimalist style, the solid sterling silver knot, or goatskin band are a chic finishing touch.



2. Nicholas King – Pile up O.T.T. resin in 3D designs to make a statement


3. Philippe Audibert – Fine crystals and silver beads bring the cuff into night. Elasticised bands means comfort till the sun comes up


4. Goossens – Add embellishment with rock crystal, fresh water pearl and gilded bronze. Handmade and luxurious, these are cuffs to covet.


5. Tom Binns – Toughen up. Sculptural convex silver and punk skulls are a great way to add some attitude to your outfit.