Philip and Christine

An incredible two weeks with the genius of our lifetime, Philip Treacy OBE.

Philip Christine Melbourne Cup

Like waking from a dream—we’re only just creeping back to reality after an incredible two weeks with the man who needs no introduction, Philip Treacy. It’s been a phantasmagorical flurry of hats, parties, parades, hats, races, trunk shows, hats, fun, food…did we mention hats? If it weren’t for the stunning photographs captured by Monty Coles (see his blog we would still be pinching ourselves thinking it was all a dream. So here are some of the highlights from the unforgettable Treacy trip!


Philip’s visit kicked off with an incredible fashion parade at Christine, where he shipped over 30 couture headpieces to Melbourne for the special showing. Upon discovering the graffiti filled lane at the back of the shop, Philip knew this was the site for the spectacular event. The rain had been unrelenting all day, and we all waited with baited breath to see if the showers would break. But then, as the stars aligned and the heavens opened up….the rain stopped and the crowd gathered outside…




Tiny droplets fell from gutters and eaves creating a magical Melbourne scene, and then the spectacle began. Models descended down the wooden fire escape stairs, spot lights illuminating them on each landing before being plunged into darkness again…




We watched on with awe and amazement as the beautiful Philip Treacy creations were revealed, each more stunning than the next.











Christine and Peter Barro amongst the excited audience- every camera phone was clicking!




Having just witnessed a unique and unforgettable event, everyone erupted into cheers and applause for the genius himself.




But it didn’t end there! Following the parade, guests were invited to Christine and Peter’s apartment where Christine hosted a Derby Eve cocktail party to honour Philip Treacy. The guests, Philip Treacy and Dita Von Teese listened in rapture to the transcendent music created by Benjamin Skepper.





And they’re off! The week of racing began with Derby Day. Philip Treacy and Stefan Bartlett in true form looking sophisticated and stylish.



Philip, Christine and Peter looking glamorous at the track.




The dapper gentlemen on Cup day, Robert Buckingham and Stefan Bartlett.



Christine in a Treacy gondola hat paired with Cutler and Gross glasses and Lanvin choker. Devine!



Treacy hats abound! We especially love the nude sweep sported by Princess Nicoletta Romanoff.



Monochrome perfection with Treacy’s black and white creation spotted at fashions on the field.



Ah, the wonders that emerge from this humble carton. Thank you to Philip Treacy for an unforgettable visit!